EmuCoin – The New , Adaptive Scrypt-N DogeCoin

In little over an hour and a half, a new cryptocurrency will be launched,
which might be as, if not more, popular as DogeCoin.


is the name, and adaptive Scrypt-N is the game. Throw in some funny meme pictures, and you can see where I’m going with this.

It worked fine for DogeCoin, and a few other coin following that, so why not


, right? Whether or not it will turn out to be as profitable, remains to be seen.

Either way,


is an adaptive Scrypt-N coin, which means we will need either Vertminer, or the modified cgminer supporting Scrypt-N to start mining. Luckily for us, both are supplied in

this thread


Block rewards for


might be a bit off the scales , as they start as high as 800,000


per block, and halve every 50,000 blocks. There will be a total of 80 billion EmuCoins.

There is a small premine, 0,63% to be precise, of which a lot will be given away to the first 1500 Twitter followers, totalling about 150,000,000 EmuCoins.

There are also talks going on about purchasing Emu Meat with


at some point in the future. Not sure how that will play out, but it’s intriguing.

Not sure about you guys, but I’m going to mine me some


n in a bit. Hopefully they will become as valuable as DogeCoin some day….

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